Dragged ourselves out of bed after a night of non-stop BeerLao and dinner at Three Star beer Garden with Peter and his staff, Nang and Dao. Many kids were partying, celebrating birthdays and there won't be any tourists because Lonely Planet never say must go. HAHAHA!!! Took an early walk to Wat Sisaket after breakfast of baguette, the Wat was surprisingly not filled with throngs of tourists, old and peaceful Brenda said we drank enough BeerLao for the whole trip in one day already. but she just drank over munching BBQ intestines in Nong Duang village. That was just less than an hour ago. TSK. We're going ITECC (I think it's spelled like this) later on with Peter and gang. The boys suggested BOWLING!!!! YAY!!! We're living the life of Lao and being a tourist at the same time. =)