26th in Chiangmai

So we touched down in Chiangmai today.

Transited in BKK and found time for Dunkins with a cup of hot chocolate. Flew via Thai Airways and we're loving the spanking new A330 Airbus! 

We're lodging at Gord Chiangmai, a real charmer situated in the Old City. Weather's good, people are friendly, and we had mookata buffet for dinner! The restaurant หมูกะทะ ABC is situated at the tip of Rachamaka Soi 6. Costs 119 baht per pax. Go for the pork belly!

Not to mention some really FAMOUS awesomely good fruit smoothie by the very friendly Mrs Pa. Check out CNNGO!

We asked Mrs Pa for her recommendations and she proceeded to whip up a delicious shake of mango, passionfruit and strawberries! Mrs Pa's really generous with her ingredients too. There's a whole mango in there mind you, and the total cost......... 20 baht! Mrs Pa even told us to drink up first so that she can fill up our cup with the remaining slush from the blender. We've since decided to fulfil our vitamin intake requirements with fruit smoothie from Mrs Pa's for the next few days. Swear!

On an ending note for today, we really can't wait to explore the rest of the city on foot & bike!