Across the bridge

After a whole night of stupid diarrhea, I swear I lost weight. Luckily it wasn't so serious in the morning, when we arrived at Nong Khai.
The morning weather was welcoming and cool with an occasional breeze, and we slowly made our way out of the station.
As expected, tons of tuk tuk drivers were waiting outside the station, hoping to earn some cash by fetching tourists to the border post (and some to the visa application centre or something like that). We didn't want to squeeze with the rest so we waited awhile before a tuk tuk driver approached us.

The border post was just a 5 minute (or less) ride. The breeze got even colder when the tuk tuk sped through deserted roads, but the ride was pleasant!
Shots from tuk tuk and at the border. Check out the warning board.
This is the first time we are crossing the border ourselves. The other time, all we had to do was to sit in the bus and Peter will consolidate all the passports and got them all stamped at one go. They don't even check your face can. But anyways, you'll get your passport stamped, and pay some money to the Lao officials before they let you through. And then you'll get pestered by hoardes of tuk tuk drivers, taxi drivers and whoever, all competing for your cash to get you from the immigration straight into Vientiane city center. It's frustrating, especially early in the morning. We took none of it though Peter suggested taxi. While waiting, a Thai lady approached us and offered their minivan cause it's on the way, and we hitched a ride and paid 200baht as a small token. So we finally arrived at Dragon Lodge. Home sweet home, and we were happy to see Peter at the front desk early in the morning. After settling miscellaneous money matters with Peter, we checked into our room and went out to eat. Super hungry! We walked down the road along the Mekong and settled down at Nok Noy restaurant.
We had a Laotian with us!
Sabaidee woof! From the first day onwards, we kept having Lao dogs as company. You'll understand as you read along! Haha.
Mee wai wai and Fried flat noodles. Their mee is actually instant noodles but their broth is home-made. Peter told us the Mekong river is dried up this winter season, but we popped by anyways
And sure enough, it was like a vast sandy land.
It was early morning still, and Brenda wanted to go and check out Joma bakery. We went to Scandanavian bakery the previous time. On the way there, we passed by this minimart which sprung up within 6 months. It sells imported goods.
The minimart was actually right beside Joma bakery.
The bakery is 2 storeys high with wooden furnishing and their chair weighs a ton. It was a good place to chill, prices are not exactly cheap, but the food is worth a try!
While we were chilling, there came a few Lao ladies employed by Joma bakery. They were armed with cloths and buckets and one of them started wiping the wooden railings. To our amazement, two others started WIPING THE WHOLE WOODEN CHAIR. Singapore lose already, the way they wipe the chair can shine and make your butt smells nice one lo. We finally grabbed our lazy asses off the chair and walked around the town, and saw the familiar area selling art pieces, many imitations of Thép Thavonsouk's June rain. Time passed by super slowly, although we sauntered at snail's pace. On the way back to Dragon Lodge to meet Peter for dinner, we saw two kids playing with this hysteric dog.
The dog was grabbing the string and running around in all directions, only to lose the string and scramble to the boy to grab. We chase the dog with the kids, and the boy took my water bottle to play with the dog when I accidently dropped it on the ground.
We got tired and went back to Dragon Lodge before heading to ThreeStar beer garden to meet Nang and Dao.
There were no tourists, all Lao people (except us) and as mentioned in our small little post, we drank hell a lot of Beer Lao, and dinner was spent catching up with Peter and the teachers. (The teachers came late so they are missing from the picture)
We got back to the lodge with many litres of Beer Lao in our belly. *Burp*