Bangkok: A Camera Phone Perspective

Simply because Bangkok loves Blackberry and certainly Blackberry does rather good justice to the colours of Bangkok too, here's a quickie on some of the sights + sounds of our trip.

Nang Loeng market on Nakhon Sawan Road, a stone's throw from our lodging at Loog Choob, is a undisbuted gem in itself. More than a century old, the place is a notable haven for ol'skool sights and morning meals sold by generations after generations of hawkers. Almost everyone who comes to Nang Loeng seems to have a favourite food item or seller whom they go to. Come lunch time, Nang Loeng gets all hustling and bustling with the local office crowd. Chow worth going back for include Curry Rice with Chinese Sausage, Roast Pork, Duck Noodles, Catfish Salad and Beef Noodles. Check out the old cinema too, and the rows of old shophouses selling provisions and knick-knacks.

While at Central World, we popped by iberry for some sugar-goodness. Honeyed Thick Toast with Ice Cream!

The Bangkok Art and Culture Centre left us amazed. Art surrounds the vicinity even before we set foot into the venue. We caught the Survival Project; an exhibition done in collaboration with Design for Disasters (D4D) network that serves also as a discussion channel to deal with the city's recent flooding.

Street food is quintessentially the backbone of Bangkok's vitality; something we really love. Hit the streets of Thong Lo (lane 19) for really good roast pork + char siew noodles or grab some grilled corn from Wang Lang market.