Bangkok day one

Yay our first post to kick start our 10 day trip! Brenda and I decided on chronological blogging.=)
We took the first flight on Jetstar to Bangkok. Cannot waste time cause there's so much to do but we are only staying one night! Upon arrival at Suvarnabhumi Airport, Brenda was immediately amazed with this:

If you observe, 1 out of 10 people use this, the rest used the manual door.

We chose to take the Airport Express into the city central. Bus AE4 takes us straight to the HuaLamPong area where we're gonna stay at. The ride costs 150baht per person and although some claim that a taxi ride is more worth it if you have company, we thought it was ok to take the express bus since toll was already included in the fare. The bus service is pretty interesting. Before the ride leaves, a girl would come up the bus and ask each passenger which stop they are gonna alight at. So if lesser people take the service, that means the driver would skip the stops and thus shorten the journey time. Not too bad lah.
We trotted down happily to our guesthouse which Brenda booked. BUT SOME STUPID IDIOT HOGGED THE ROOM WHICH WE WERE SUPPOSED TO STAY AT! Damnit. Apparently rules are different in Bangkok, especially for guesthouses. The owner seemed helpless about the situation and offered us another room down the main building which was big, ulu and filled with mosquitoes. Though they offered to be pest busters, we die die also don't want. So we waited for people to check out, and took the best remaining offer that they had. Two single rooms on two different levels. Oh wells. Better than nothing though.
Mine was the one with the eerie light so in the end I crashed Brenda's. After the unpleasant incident, we trotted down to Chatuchak for our one stop spree. But our first pile of baht was gone on: Spending over $15 SGD on these delicacies! Haha. Thailand is actually a pretty good place for decent Japanese cuisine! All at a very good price if you ask me.
Our eyes were simply glued to the glistening pork ribs dripping with honeyed goodness!! Boy were we hungry!

Saba fish in shoyu.

We had coconut ice cream in Chatuchak too! There was a choice of young or 'old' coconut ice cream and you get to choose toppings such as nata de coco, carnation milk, blah blah. Simply refreshing!! Going clockwise, the 1st and 3rd pictures are snapshots of the Chatuchak Jap stall where we had our satisfying lunch! The 4th picture shows a 'ticket-token' for use on the Bangkok subway train system. We were fascinated cuz tap-cards are used over in Singapore. Haha. Tokens are kinda cute. Because the lunch was super duper filling, we had cup noodle, Auntie anne's and Singha beer for dinner. Cup noodles (those Jap flavored) kind are super super nice. Why Singapore cannot import these flavors ah?! TigerAirways 4th birthday Ping! and share your holidays