Buddha Park

In the midst of all the work to be done at Nong Duang Secondary, weekends were our only off-days. But the intended trip to Vang Vieng was canceled. Which was good in a way, cause Peter said there were lots of bugs there. So we ended up heading to Buddha Park, which we were actually supposed to visit on our first day in Laos.

The reclining Buddha, which is the largest statue in the Park.

Most of the statues in the park are Buddhist and Hindu-influenced, and most had descriptions in Lao carved beneath the statues.

And with mythical creatures like serpents..

Enter the huge ball which supposedly represents the 3 levels of Hell, Earth and HeavenYes, through this mouth. It's dark inside with two ways to get to the opening at the top. The scary way was through an unlighted passageway in the middle, which we had to feel our way up and it's surrounded by broken pieces of statues.

The view from the top of the huge ball. Worth the scary climb, i must say. At the back of the park, there's a place overlooking a small field with cows. Patrons can just chill out or enjoy some small snacks. You can catch a view of the Mekong River and also Thailand (which is just opposite the river).

**A meateater trying to capture moo moos, who was obviously was ignored.**