Eating Out - Part 1 (Ipoh)

We did a Penang-Ipoh-KL vacation in 2009, and went back again recently in 2011. Our hearts (and stomach) were immensely captivated by the sights, taste, smell, and total package of eating out and its best eats.

Ipoh let's go!

Breakfast goodness at Sin Yoon Loong and Ah Chow coffeeshop.

Everyone's eating chicken with bean sprouts, so we do too at Restoran Lou Wong.

We missed Funny Mountain soya bean milk in 2009, wouldn't miss it for anything in 2011.

Ol'skool coffeehouse magic with Fantasy Food & Snack. Honeyed pork chops!

Indulge with Indulgence; fine dining with doses of flavor and creativity.

Indulgence Restaurant & Living (14 Jalan Raja Dihilir 30350 Ipoh, Perak)