Lee Jetty @ Clan Jetties, Penang

I've always known that my grandmother used to grow up at the jetties by her adopted family. Now that dementia is slowly setting in, this trip was a chance to bring my grandma back to her old place, and allow her to share some of her memories with me.

The Clan Jetties are separated into clusters according to their surnames. Grandma's surname is Lee, whose descendents migrated from Fujian province in the 19th/20th Century.

Wooden boardwalks standing on the water and the back of the houses used to be set apart from the Tan Jetty. Now, most of the gap have since been filled up with cement to link the clans together.

Grandma confidently walked along and entered the house she's familiar with. Neighbors recognized her though she has not been back for a year or two.The thought that we might be intrusive slowly disappeared as her nieces/nephews greeted my grandma and we chatted for an hour or so. Such friendliness!

Looking like a cluster of squatters, I guess these clan jetties would make way for urban development soon should the government wants to develop another seaside themed area.