Luang Prabang!!!

After a gruelling round-and-round-the-mountains bus ride of 7 hours, we finally reached Luang Prabang; a world heritage site!! I wasn't hoping for too much after my Vang Vieng disappointment, but boy was I elated when the tuktuk pulled into the Luang Prabang city centre from the southern bus station =) WE LOVE IT HERE! The weather is nice, though it gets really cold at night and in the early mornings. The people are really friendly, the guesthouses are cosy with a historical feel. Some buildings date back to the 1940s. There are many nice restaurants around and the overall 'decor' of the city is amazing. Speaking of the weather by the way, we woke up today to find ourselves freezing, and when we stepped out to roam round the city before the other tourists wake, we realized its kinda like 10 deg or below at least. We can see the mist coming from our breaths when we talk. Haha. OH, we layered ourselves appropriately with a miminum of 3 layers =/ But nevertheless, we are enjoying our stay in Luang Prabang very very much. More updates soon. OH, some sneak-peaks would be: we caught the monks early this morning when they went around receiving alms, we rented a slow-boat all to ourselves for 25bucks for an own-time-own-target Mekong River tour, we wanted to eat BBQ duck but ended up in a Hmong village festival some very long distance away and we were freezing from the tuktuk ride, and lastly, we just had a facial and massage! Lao-style! =D Ok it's very cold now, we shall brainfreeze and blow mist again tomorrow morning, and take the gruelling way down Route 13 back to Vang Vieng. YY will just puke. Tata.