Rocket Festival

The Laotians love their festivals. They have a festival almost every month! We managed to join the locals in celebrating the Rocket Festival!

So in a nutshell, the Rocket Festival is all about fertility and bringing rain to the padi fields in the dry season. People will release rockets into the sky to penetrate the clouds in order to bring rain.

The rockets symbolize penises and the act of ‘penetrating’ is a highly sexual one. As for the villagers, some of them will cross dress! OH and the people will also wear strap-on penises made of wood or styrofoam! Some of the men will also wear styrofoam turtles round their waists. These turtles are symbolic of the female genitalia. Anyways, the people believe in cross-dressing to anger the Rain Gods so that the Gods (in their anger) will send thunder and lightning down to earth and as such, bring rain.