Social Painting and Tea

So for a creativity-filled birthday this year, @themarketgirl signed us up for a Social Painting class at ARTEASTIQ; an art space cum tea lounge located at the fourth floor of swank Mandarin Gallery.

ARTEASTIQ believes that we city-folks rarely have the time and perhaps space to explore our creative side, hence the birth of a social painting scene where folks are welcome to pop by (guided or non-guided by a coach/teacher/patient individual) and paint to a chosen theme. Rejuvenating and refreshing tea beverages are also served for a wholesome therapeutic experience.

After three hours of tip-top patience, overflowing creative juices, free-flow acrylic paint and impeccable guidance, we are f**king proud to present the fruits of our labour!

Who would have known art-jamming and tea parties could marry so well together?