Sylvanian and stupid train food (BKK day 2)

We got our shopping done mostly at Chatuchak. But I was super upset because I didn't get to see the pets there. Think they went home already, cause I see people scurrying around with puppies in a bag, or a cage with chipmunks. Oh wells. Brenda brought me to the largest shopping center in Southeast Asia on our second day at BKK; CentralWorld. Pretty neat, though there are some shops which will sure blow your budget away. Cool for a shopping holiday, you can just spend your entire day in there. Because we had to keep our time for the train ride at night, we just picked particular shops to head to. Brenda found her Transformers shirt there, and a Le "C-o-c-k" cap for Xmas exchange. And we found out that their Lacoste shoes are different from the series in Singapore, and are nicer! Lacoste shoes are made in Thailand, hence the huge variety I guess. I couldn't blog this prior to Christmas, cause I requested for a handmade dollhouse/ Sylvanian dollhouse and it was meant to be a secret. Turns out, CentralWorld has this:
With a huge Chef greeting you at the door
And the restaurant is decorated with all the different dollhouses, PLUS a huge space was exhibiting even more items, for sale!
*But nevermind, someone gave me a dollhouse that's even nicer* We didn't try the food at Sylvanian but ate KFC instead. Brenda said last time it was damn nice but eee, now its lousier than Singapore's. One of Brenda's aim for the trip was to eat KFC in BKK and Kuala Lumpur (Laos don't have fast food. Though we found a fake Macdonald's. HAHA)
But they have not bad coffee though!

After CentralWorld, we trotted happily to MBK and decided to splurge 300Baht on this precious bowl of bird's nest soup. Bird's nest has already became a must-have in BKK. Its cheaper than Singapore, much much cheaper!

After bird's nest, we bought some Dunkin Donuts and scurryed to the stadium area beside MBK. They were selling FBT sporting apparel and since FBT is from Thailand, its cheaper to get it here! One singlet costs only 99Baht, which is about $4.50 in SGD! It was about 6 plus and so we took a tuk-tuk back to the guesthouse, packed our stuff and crossed over to HuaLamPong railway station to take the sleeper train to NongKhai.
Peter mailed us our tickets prior to the whole trip for about 1500baht each. First class cabin.
Our train departs at 8.45
That's our cabin on the right, the seat transform into beds on upper and lower deck, with attached wash basin near the door. Someone will come along after your dinner to set the beds up. We saw the Second class cabin down the next portion of the train, which had a bed on upper deck and seat below the bed and it continues in the same manner down. Super funny loh, no privacy and all. The third class as we heard has only seats to last you for the overnight train ride. -_-"
That's our dinner at night and breakfast the next morning. Those were the Dunkins we bought at MBK. BY THE WAY, the stupid dinner made me had diarrhea for the whole night! @#&$#&.