Tea time in Manhattan

Prior to our New York trip, which we took last year in August, it never really struck me that Manhattan and Brooklyn were two of the five boroughs that make up populous NYC. Yes I hate to admit, rather ashamely, that when I think of Manhattan, I think of a huge pepperoni-filled pizza (much like meat-lover's at Canadian 2-for-1), and seriously, I know Brooklyn only because that was where Posh first got preggers. But it wouldn't be fair for me to write NYC off just like that, as we did have a good 2 weeks worth of experiences and adventures to pocket. Plus it was great to have Rin (my primary school mate) show us around the various streets and cafes where the locals hung out! We took a peek at NYC-through-the-New-Yorker's-perspective, lived in a sublet room over at Brooklyn, took a taxi-boat to IKEA, crashed some flea-markets, and somehow, these were more fulfilling to us than pit-stopping by Times Square, Statue of Liberty and a Broadway musical. === There's a little cosy tea cafe over at Rivington Street in the lower east side of Manhattan that's still deeply etched in our thoughts, and perhaps talking about this cafe would be a good starting point to roll out our NYC postings :)

It all started when Rin brought us there one evening after dinner. Teany was its name and my, were we impressed. We saw a small cafe with white-washed walls, a nice little outdoor front, and shelves filled with an amazing variety of loose tea (they had more than 90 selections mind you). So, we went inside, got a seat for three and proceeded to prowl thru the selection menu. Over conversation with Rin, we found out that Teany served vegetarian food and that it was opened by Moby and his ex-girlfriend Kelly. I took a glance over my shoulder at the cake selection and was thrilled by their Red Velvet Cake and Vegan Chocolate Cheesecake which looked soooo good, but it was a shame we were too stuffed to try the cakes. The couple seated beside us ordered the Red Velvet and I swear they polished it off in 5 bites or less. Yes it was probably REALLY good and I could still visualise it, even till now. Damn. Nevertheless, we all had tea -- if my memory served me well, we had the White Peony, and tea at Teany's are served in their cute signature teapot that was white, clean and roundish.


We had an enjoyable evening at Teany's -- with good tea, lots of good conversation and great companionship. In fact, Teany's was so unforgettable, so much so that YY and i went back on another afternoon to grab some of their tinned tea leaves for us to take back home. They even have herbal tea mixtures that could possibly be remedies for flu, allergies and such, so I also bought a tin for my colleague who is almost best of friends with Mr. Flu Bug. === Credits of first picture to Teany at www.teany.com