Vang Vieng

Was initially excited about Vang Vieng (a little haven that's about 3 hours ++ from Vientiane by bus). Well, the scenery and all didn't fail to impress me of course, but I guess its overly packed with tourists, which makes the place kinda annoying. And speaking of packed with tourists, we didn't manage to have the room we BOOKED in Vang Vieng! That happened to us when we were in Bangkok also! SO irritating. Its like, you confirm your booking with the guesthouse via email or smth like that, and even after your booking's confirmed, it is somewhat 'normal' that some idiot comes along and gets the room you want cuz he/she books via the booking engine (which isnt updated even after the room's unavailable) or he/she extends his/her stay when he/she is supposed to scram. So much for 'trust'. BUT well..... Anyways, Vang Vieng is a nice place though, nice weather, scenery, blah blah. But I guess I would wanna come again when its off-peak....OH, yea and the food is pretty good.. we had a nice late lunch at the Organic Farm Cafe that consists of fried fish fillets, fried mulberry leaves and sticky rice! There was this cute puppy that kept wanting to get food from us so we shared some of our fish with him/her.. =) Next stop, Luang Prabang! ** Vang Vieng is over-saturated with Prata push-cart stalls!! (Mufasa! You can stay in Vang Vieng and eat prata everyday) Each claiming to be No.1 and the 'Original'. Haha.. but the condensed milk prata should be pretty good.. Its called 'Pancake' though, whereas its 'Prata' in Singapore/M'sia/etc..