Veggies and Meat

Days with packed lunches filled with stinky veggies. Gosh, why do they taste so...


We needed MEAT.Badly. But anyhows, there were still days (wonderful wonderful days) when we were presented with non-veggies. Alrights, so days without stinky veggies means we get to eat.... .....



Yummy yummy noodles in a rich flavorful beef broth with lots of beef balls, sliced beef and other unidentified beef parts which were still delicious nonetheless! We don't really know what we were chewing, there was a lot of unknown organs/parts/meat we were tasting. But hell, it was still fantastic! They actually serve it with lots of coriander. But we don't want stinky veggies so we opted coriander out. Instead, we added a sprig of mint leaf, some tasty peanut sauce, a dash of lime, and spicy chilli powder!


And hence, a very big shoutout:

BUT HEY, we still love our veggies! Well.........some of it.... And don't walk away from us, we still love moo moos!!!