Waterfalls in NYC, no its not Niagara

One of the highlights of our trip was the chance to catch the NYC Waterfalls live and loud. Yes, we caught the awe-inspiring man-made waterfalls installation (an example of public art) up close and personal, thanks to smart Bibu who managed to get complimentary tickets for the official tour by Circle Line Downtown.

We boarded the cruise on Pier 16 in Manhattan and our journey takes us along the East River to catch all 4 waterfalls. It was indeed a loud experience, especially when water falls from a height of 90 - 120 feet and comes splashing back into the river right before our eyes. Now for abit of info about the installations -- the NYC Waterfalls is a art project by Olafur Eliasson and his 4 waterfalls are situated along the shorelines of Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Governors Island. Scaffolding forms the backbone of the structures and pumps are used to bring water from the East River right up to the top of the falls. The project has since closed but that won't stop us from reminiscing with pictures! Lots of it!