White Castle!

Ever since I first watched Harold & Kumar in 2004, I knew I had to GO TO WHITE CASTLE too someday! My chance finally came, and I was already doing up the online research and locating all the white castle outlets near our Brooklyn apartment weeks before leaving for NYC. Although we did not go through numerous unbelievable adventures like Harold & Kumar did, it did take us a looong while to get to White Castle.

It was a long walk, the sun was hot hot hot, and it didn't help that I had horrid stomach cramps. But heck, White Castle was the way to go and we did eventually get there.


It wasn't a huge outlet like the one in the movie, but a small stand-alone eatery that had a drive-thru nonetheless. We ordered the Double Cheeseburger meal that came with 2 slyders, fries, and a drink (refillable). Oh, and we ordered the Chicken Sandwich meal too.. same thing - 2 chicken sandwiches, fries and refillable drink.

Their slyders are different from the usual burgers -- they come in small sizes (which explains why Harold & Kumar can stomach 30 slyders at a go.. and the patties are steam-grilled instead. Nice. Oh did I also mentioned the fries were awesome? In fact, I thought the fries did outshine the signature slyders actually. Nice cute boxes though!